Offering you or your loved one a sense of understanding, peace, resolve and meaning for what is unfolding in the transition process



I sit with those in the process of transition, and/or their loved ones, to discuss the spiritual aspects of life and the transition from physical to non-physical. The ultimate goal is to provide a spiritual framework that engenders a sense of understanding, resonance, peace and resolve as the transition process transpires.

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Few things in life are more complex, disorienting and profoundly sad than watching a loved one in the process of transition. Unfortunately many of us are taught and thus believe, when loved ones are transitioning, their lack of responsiveness means they are no longer aware; or when they leave their physical bodies they are gone from our lives forever. Beliefs like these exacerbate our grief and angst. Often when people start looking for answers to "why is this happening" they’re rarely satisfied with those offered by religion, tradition and social constructs.  For some the “blame game” ensues by blaming God, Karma, themselves, or even the person in transition for how they lived their life, all for the purpose of trying to create an acceptable narrative for what is happening.
Our eternal relationship with life and the nonphysical is hard to understand and accept, especially when standing in the middle of grief or imminent loss.


The physical transition of a body can be shocking no matter how prepared we think we are. Even with prolonged illness and advanced age, most people are rarely prepared for how they feel when their loved one’s body is no longer animated.

Some cultures are more accepting, comfortable and understanding of the transition process. In fact some cultures actually celebrate their loved one’s passing. 

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Holding space and being present for those transitioning can be an amazing teacher and the impetus for great awakenings. And indeed for those in transition, life continues in the non-physical.
If you are personally in the process of transitioning, or you are a family member or friend supporting someone in transition, or someone experiencing profound loss, this is a time when finding center, understanding and alignment can offer great peace and comfort. Perspective that resonates can mean the difference between spiraling into a very dark place or awakening to new understandings.


About Barry

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I embrace the opportunity to sit with those experiencing the transition process to discuss life's lessons and the spiritual side of what is happening.

As a lifelong learner and seeker I've always resonated with the idea of there being more to life than what meets the eye. As a young person in grade school I sensed the interconnectedness with everyone around me. Early on, I learned the meaning and cost of being a true empath. 

Like most people I found my footing on spiritual paths when confronted by major life challenges. While pursuing the corporate dream in NYC at age 28 I was diagnosed with idiopathic thyroid cancer. After pursuing western medicine’s protocols I was introduced to the reality of energetic body work, hands-on healing and Reiki. Ultimately I pursued certification with Touching Spirit® as a hands-on energetic healer. 

Later when my young wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at age 30 my spiritual learnings expanded as together we worked with many teachers, healers and guides from every conceivable spiritual orientation. Recurrences and her ultimate transition years later propelled me to further work with more spiritual teachers and guides, and to discover the art of mediumship.

Since 1988 I’ve sought out spiritual awareness via countless metaphysics courses and classes, and continued exposure to afterlife research by attending multiple conferences and symposium including The AfterLife Awareness Conference. I continue to monitor the scientific community as they further explore and reach consensus on the existence of spirit (energy) and transition. I am privileged to volunteer with one of the country’s largest and most professionally run hospices, and I am pursuing a CT® certification in Thanatology. These combined life experiences continue to inform a deep understanding, sense of peace and resolve around the process of transition.



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